Is Car Insurance High in Florida?

According to information and research recently published, Florida comes in as the eighth most expensive state in the US when it comes to car insurance. On average, your everyday Florida citizen is paying about $1654 a year for insurance. This figure comes in $329 higher than the overall nationwide average. That average sits at $1325 right now.

As a driver in Florida, you’re going to have to expect car insurance to be a little bit more pricey than it is in other states. That doesn’t mean that you have to spend a small fortune on insurance just because you live in the Sunshine State. There are a couple of things you can do to dramatically lower your car insurance costs and we share some of the best tips and tricks below.

In fact, by following the guide below you can start saving on your policy ASAP. Who wouldn’t want to start saving some cash on a policy? A few tips to start saving some cash include bundling, prepaying your insurance for the entire year, and a few other tips.

Bundle, bundle, bundle!

The smartest thing you can do when trying to save money on car insurance in Florida according to is to bundle that automobile insurance with other forms of insurance. This enables saving upwards of 30% (sometimes even more) off your total cost of insurance with this maneuver.

Pretty much every major insurance company, as well as all of the smaller, local insurance companies, are going to be more than happy to offer you this kind of discount. Bundling is maybe the easiest way to cut the cost of car insurance Florida drivers pay dramatically. Remember to ask about bundling when shopping.

Prepay your insurance for the year

If you have the opportunity to prepay a year’s worth of insurance in advance (or even just six months in advance) you can often save up to 20% off. In some situations, you can easily save even more on car insurance in Florida over at . Not everyone is going to be in a financial position where they have this kind of flexibility. But if you are it is well worth making this kind of investment, as you will save hundreds of dollars annually that would have been spent on insurance otherwise. All while getting the exact same coverage, the exact same protection, and working with an insurance company you feel comfortable with already.